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From the very beginning, the Environmental Difference Staffing Agency has sought to be light years different than any other staffing & recruitment company. In fact, Jeffery Cummings, owner of ED Staffing Agency, founded his company with the insistence of that very principle. Jeff had worked in temp agencies for many years, and noticed more and more that these companies only seemed concerned with delivering a quota of warm bodies to their clients, giving no concern about him as a person, nor his talents and abilities.

Jeff desperately wanted to break the cycle of talented, driven professionals being treated like they were nothing more than a sea of disposable robots who had nothing to offer. He thought if he could really do this, if he could start his own staffing and recruitment company, that he could help people who found themselves in unique situations feel like they were cared about, and that they were much more than a number. Now, every day that we are able to provide gainful employment for our professionals, and high-caliber workforces to our clients, that dream is realized over and over again.

Nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies.

While Jeff Cummings was in the early days of launching his own successful staffing agency, Jovan Martinez was being unknowingly groomed to become partners with the young entrepreneur. Jovan brought a passion for helping people, especially those who were in unique working situations, but had the desire to utilize their talent, skill, and work ethic to enhance their situations. The two men also shared a cohesive desire to help people provide for their families, while enhancing their respective communities. Today, the brain trust at ED Staffing takes pride in their ability to be part of the full evolution, enrichment, or reclamation of the individuals they work with. We want you to know your situation matters to us. Your dreams matter to us. You are so much more than a number. You are an amazing human, brimming with talents, abilities, potential, and an unlimited future! From job training and resume building to credit rebuilding and interview training, we are much more than just an average staffing and recruitment company, we are an Environmental Difference Staffing Agency.

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