If you’re tired of fighting through the mystery of searching for high-quality jobs that match your skill and expertise, call ED Staffing Agency!

ED Staffing Agency Invests in Quality, Skilled, Experienced Professionals, Just Like You!

If you want to know why Environmental Difference Staffing Agency is different than any other staffing & recruiting companies in our local job market, it’s because we have been exactly where you are right now. From the day that our Founder, Jeffery Cummings, realized that the best he could hope for from other staffing agencies was to be treated like a faceless number, he vowed to create a company that would treat professionals like they deserved to be treated. And from Savannah, GA to the Greater Atlanta area, every professional candidate who chooses to partner with ED Staffing is treated with respect and understanding.

We don’t merely invest in strategies to fill a workforce void for our clients, we invest our time, effort, and resources into the people who choose our company as the bridge between themselves and meaningful, gainful employment. We care about you. We care about your family. We care about enhancing your ability to provide for yourself and your loved ones. And we care about helping our collective community move forward, every single day. If this sounds like the kind of staffing agency you’d like to partner with, please don’t hesitate to contact an representative from Environmental Difference Staffing Agency, and let us show you what it means to work with an agency you trust.

  • Unified Leadership
  • Fulfilling Employment
  • Community Focused
  • Quick Jobs Placement
  • Daily Pay Opportunities
  • Diverse Connections
  • Long-Term Placement
  • Training Available
  • Equal Job Opportunities
  • Resume Enhancement

We Have Jobs Available Right Now for Skilled, Trainable, Motivated Professionals!

From Savannah to Atlanta, and beyond, companies of all shapes and sizes trust ED Staffing Agency to help fulfill their timely needs for smart, hard-working, eager professionals, just like you. Why do these companies trust us? Because they know we hire the highest-caliber professionals, and that we treat those professionals with respect, dignity, and honesty. That’s one of the many reasons we are able to work with so many talented, brilliant, earnest professionals. We have our fingers so firmly on the pulse of the Georgia Jobs market, it makes the hiring process smooth, enticing, and beneficial for all parties involved. Becoming a gainfully employed professional has never been easier. If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed by the shifts and changes in the current job market, and would like to change your situation for the better, please reach out to ED Staffing Agency, and start building your future, today!